Creating Your Program

Rustic Pathways Groups believes that travel provides an opportunity to show your students the world and immerse them in international communities. It enables your students to form new perspectives and expand their creative horizons. We believe that by traveling with your students, you are empowering them to engage with the world’s diverse cultures and to question the meaning of global citizenship. Our extensive year-round operations, top-notch country directors, and global staff allow us to offer you and your students a wide range of these opportunities — fitting any budget, schedule, or interest. We will help you achieve a deep level of engagement in your trip as we provide you with predesigned, partially customized, or fully customized itineraries. We guarantee you will be able to provide your students with the specific experience you seek.

Getting Started

Every Rustic Pathways Group program has a story behind it. Our programs are drafted by adventurers, edited by global activists, refined by educators, and customized by you. They are works of passion, and we take extreme pride in them.

Explore Our Programs
Our programs listed are examples of the many different options we offer. Use our itineraries to gather and inspire you own travel ideas.

Be Creative
All our programs can be customized to meet you own interests and needs, so be creative! When exploring our itineraries, keep in mind, what is the trip you’ve always wanted? This is the program we want to build for you.

Get in Touch
Your dedicated Program Coordinator will collaborate with you to customize an itinerary that meets your experiential education goals, travel interests, and scheduling needs. Each of our programs combines the respect we have for our students, teachers, and communities with your travel desires.

Purposeful Program Design

We customize the experiences we create for schools and the discussions and reflections that complement them. We design programs that align with:

1) The Mission and Values of Your School

2) Your Vision and Purpose for Traveling with Students

3) Your School’s Curriculum

4) Coursework or a Specific Content Area
Once teachers have chosen a program, we provide resources to support educators in deepening their students’ engagement
with our programs before, during, and after traveling with us. We customize the activities and discussions of a program and staff
it with the most capable Program Leaders to achieve teachers’ goals.

5) Projects or Essays
We can both suggest projects that complement our program experiences as well as work with educators to integrate an
existing project into the program experience.

6) Themes or Methods of Inquiry
Our staff are trained to facilitate thoughtful inquiry around the fundamental questions and themes at the heart of our programs.
By doing this work outside of students’ home cultures and communities, we have seen students develop a greater personal
ownership of their thinking, a recognition of the factors that have combined to shape their experience and worldview, and an
appreciation of the abundance of perspectives in our world.

7) Your School’s Service Learning Goals
Our country teams work hand-in-hand with our partner communities to set up service projects based on community needs
and students’ skill sets. Understanding your school’s learning goals, we can connect your group to a program that best supports
your goals and our long-term service initiatives. Many of our students have obtained service hours through our programs, and
we ensure our programs meet your school’s requirements. Ultimately, community service is used as a conduit to reflect on
larger development challenges and the responsibility students have as members of global and local communities.