International SOS Travel Assistance Program

International SOS

As a leader in our industry, Rustic Pathways takes the health and wellbeing of our students extremely seriously. It is for this reason that we have partnered with International SOS, one of the world’s leading providers of medical and travel services. All participants traveling with Rustic Pathways will have access to International SOS benefits through Rustic Pathways’ membership. To help cover the cost of having this important resource, every participant traveling outside their country of residence will be assessed a $69 fee for insured medical evacuation and security services during the duration of his or her program. While we realize this is additional cost, we are confident you will appreciate the services and protection this provides.

All participants will receive an International SOS membership card and important information about this service prior to travel. As a member you will have access to SOS’s extensive travel information network to help you make informed decisions prior to travel. All travelers who travel outside their country of residence also have insured medical evacuation during their program. Please make sure to read and understand these services when this information is sent to you.

Please know that this is not medical insurance. Participants are still required to provide their own medical insurance and are responsible for all medical costs incurred during their travel with Rustic Pathways. Coverage of medical evacuation costs is determined solely at the discretion of International SOS.

Below we have included further information and frequently asked questions about International SOS. If you have any further questions, please contact us at or call our office at 1.800.321.4353.

Frequently Asked Questions About International SOS