Children of the Highlands 


Enjoy island paradise and rural mountain living on this immersive program. Spend time in the mountain village of Nasivikoso where you will live in pairs with a Fijian host family and spend your days leading enrichment programs for local kids, build school facilities, and live with local families. Rustic Pathways has been working in this village for many years and has very close ties with the community. After your hard work is finished you will head out to the islands for three days of swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on the beaches of Kuata Island. Expect a rustic and highly immersive, rewarding experience!

Fiji Islands 
8 Days
Starting From
$1,535 plus Airfare
Service Component
24 Service Hours
Local Immersion
Maximum Students
25 Students Maximum
  • Map & Itinerary
Connecting Programs
Service Intensive
Fiji Islands 8 days $1,575 plus Airfare
Young Travelers
Fiji Islands 8 days $2,145 plus Airfare
Fiji Islands 8 days $1,995 plus Airfare