Marine and Environmental Field Studies 


In this program, we take a deeper look into Fiji’s marine ecosystem and the impact that climate change has had on this fragile habitat. If you’re interested in marine biology or love spending time in the ocean, this is the program for you! Learn about the various strategies in place to protect, conserve, and restore Fiji’s marine environment. Learn to identify tropical fish and coral species. Get a chance to swim with manta rays and observe spinner dolphins and sharks. When not working in the water, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy island life as well as get to know Fijian culture by visiting nearby villages.

Fiji Islands 
8 Days
Starting From
$1,995 plus Airfare
Service Component
18 Service Hours
Maximum Students
24 Students Maximum
  • Map & Itinerary
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Service Intensive
Fiji Islands 8 days $1,575 plus Airfare
Young Travelers
Fiji Islands 8 days $2,145 plus Airfare
Fiji Islands 8 days $1,535 plus Airfare